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i-Assist Agency
Dedicated - to Enriching Children's Lives

 Agency Resources

Overview Mom and son
By providing qualified, professional care for children in their most formative years, child care agencies are making a difference in the lives of all children in San Diego county. Child development services are challenging, but an immensely rewarding profession. 
We encourage taking the time to check out our Agency Resource Links, Agency News and Agency Documents.

Your participation as a subsidized child development contractor, is important for these reasons:
  • Helps you comply with CDE eligibility requirements in assisting the most needy families first
  • Allows you to retain and access accurate lists of family/child application data
  • Simplifies enrollment through the use of a common intake form
  • Enables you to share enrollment data with all participating programs
  • Reports local child care needs to the State‚Äč
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